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Printer-friendly pdfs for The Knight's Tour

The King Never Dies!

Knight's Tour Chart / TimePieces

Waddle Waddle Classroom exercise with puzzle

Waddle Waddle (Nudge Nudge) Teacher's Page

Chess Math

Done In One

Ruy Lopez & The Golden Rook


Pirate Chess Chant

AlterEgo Chess
Quick Quad

10 Timely Ideas for Beginning a Game of Chess

  1. 1.Open with a Center Pawn

  2. 2.Develop with threats

  3. 3.Knights before Bishops

  4. 4.Don't move the same piece twice

  5. 5.Make as few Pawn moves as possible

  6. 6.Don't bring out your Queen too early

  7. 7.Try to Castle as soon as possible, on the King-side if you can

  8. 8.Try to control the Center

  9. 9.Try to keep at least one Pawn in the Center

  10. 10. Beware the Achilles Squares

Peter vs. Alex (a 13-move student game illustrating the 10 Timely Ideas)

10 Middlegame Ideas