Getting Started on

The Knight's Tour

2009 David Donaldson

Welcome to this year's session.

I'm Coach David, and I'll be your tour guide.

These pages are the result of my having found the currently available books and web sites for tutoring Beginners underwhelming.

This site provides me with a way of reaching parents that is persistent and available when I might not be.

My goals are to be both original and link-heavy and to focus on the small group of folks trying to help young students.

The Knight's Tour is the most finished example so far of what I hope to complete more generally.

The Tour strikes various historical and multi-cultural notes, presentation styles and subjects to help teachers transmit some of the magic and majesty of the Royal Game.

The balance of the lessons are being assembled week-by-week as I document their use in various classes, not just in blogs but also as accumulated topics, methods and supporting materials.

By the end of this school year I expect to have an integrated curriculum with lots of classroom handouts and activities for teachers and a keyhole view for parents.



Forest Park


Mission Valley


Index of pdfs

The Knight's Tour

The King Never Dies!

Done In One

10 Timely Ideas...

10 Middlegame Ideas


Pirate Chess

Chess Math

Waddle Waddle Handout

Waddle Waddle (Nudge Nudge) Teacher's Page

Ruy Lopez & The Golden Rook

AlterEgo Chess


The Knight's Tour

10 Timely Ideas...

The Pawn's Dream

Rolling Rooks

A Knight at The Opera

Chess Math

Ruy Lopez




Teachers & Parents: